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Project Description
Importing your videotapes into Windows is easy with the built-in utilities, but if your importer does not encode to your desired format, you need to convert them. This project streamlines the process and automates the encoding of files using Expression Encoder assemblies.

What is this project
This project is a .NET WPF application that leverages the Microsoft Expression Encoder 3 engine to batch convert AVI files in a directory to WMV files using an XML as a profile. This initial version is hardcoded to do AVI-WMV conversions (because the code looks for those file extensions). You generate the XML file using the actual Microsoft Expression Encoder 3 tool, and save it to your hard drive.

Why does this project exist?
This batch encoder was written to streamline the archiving of videotapes to disc. I have an older Sony Digital8 Camcorder that we got 10 years ago when my first daughter was born. Over the past 10 years, we've amassed countless videotapes, but the cost of digital storage had been prohibitively high until very recently. Now that we can reasonably buy 1TB drives for storing our digital video, we needed to transfer our Digital8 tapes to hard drives.

Using Microsoft Live Photo Gallery on Windows 7 64-bit (as of 2010-05-26), the camera import tool would only import our Digital8 tapes as enormous full-bandwidth DV AVI files having bit rates exceeding 25 Mb/second. While the video quality and framerate is excellent for standard definition video, the storage space requirements are burdensome (at 12 GB per hour). It makes sense to down-convert these large files to a format having a smaller footprint, such as WMV encoded at 90% quality requiring only 2.6 GB per hour.

With this application, you can keep encoding your tapes while the application processes each new AVI file. See the Documentation tab for instructions.

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